Skyworth visit

China-Palestine, a delegation from the Hamza Shaheen Electrical Appliances Company returned from the visit of the international company Skyworth, which is considered one of the leading companies that produces and exports electrical appliances in China and the world.
It was agreed to start cooperation between the two parties, and according to this agreement, Hamza Shaheen Electrical Appliances Company will market the company’s products under its brand in Palestine, which includes all electrical appliances.
The delegation of Hamza Shaheen Electrical Appliances Company on this visit was headed by its CEO, Mr. Ayman Hamza Shaheen.
Mr. Shaheen asserted on the importance of this visit, which comes within the strategy and future aspirations of Shaheen Company, to import and market international brands with high quality in the Palestinian market, which always aspires for the best while always ensuring to provide the best after-sales services.
Skyworth welcomed this cooperation, which was considered a step in the right path for the expansion in the Palestinian promising market.


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